MADISON – Today, Gov. Tony Evers called a special session of the Legislature to consider a constitutional amendment that would allow binding referenda and ballot initiatives in the State of Wisconsin. Representative Tip McGuire made the following statement after Legislative Republicans ended the session without debate or a vote:

“After the Dobbs decision earlier this year, Wisconsin law reverted to an archaic 1849 law that prohibits abortion, including in cases of rape and incest. This law is deeply unpopular, with the vast majority of Wisconsinites opposing it, and yet the Republican legislature refused to act on Governor Evers’ earlier request to overturn it.

“Today, Governor Evers and legislative Democrats sought to compromise: let us permit Wisconsinites themselves to make the decision on key Wisconsin laws via ballot measures, including updating this abortion law from 170 years ago. As usual, legislative Republicans refused to even consider the notion of giving up their stranglehold on the lawmaking process to the voters of this state.

“The citizens of Wisconsin deserve a seat at the table in how our government operates, free from the interference of partisans who have rigged the game in their favor, so that once again the will of the people will be the law of the land.”

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