Hurley, Wisconsin – State Representative Beth Meyers (D-Bayfield) awarded Shane Wyzlic with a commemorative citation during a recent reception at St. Mary’s Church in Hurley honoring Shane for his humanitarian aid for the country of Ukraine. A Navy veteran residing in Saxon Harbor, Shane has traveled to Ukraine not just once, but twice, in the last five months to bring needed supplies to help the country in its resistance to the Russian invasion.

Shane felt the need to do more for the country of Ukraine than simply donate money to various causes from home. He wanted to know he was helping the country directly, which led to Shane personally transporting medical supplies and body armor, as well as financing a vehicle in Poland to provide safe passage for Ukrainian refugees. Due to his courageous and kind acts, Shane has even been recognized by the Police Chief of Lviv for his trips to Ukraine and Poland.

“When I first heard of what Shane was doing in Ukraine, I was incredibly inspired. Many of us feel for the people of Ukraine, many even donated, but Shane did what few have. He sacrificed his personal safety to ensure the security and freedoms of complete strangers. This is a type of bravery and compassion I believe we should all attempt to emulate.” Meyers said.

If you would like to help aid Ukraine and are looking for a place to donate, Shane recommends giving to the World Central Kitchen (WCK). WCK’s mission is to be “the first to the frontlines”, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. WCK aims to build a resilient food system by creating locally led solutions, meaning WCK does not just provide food and leave, but rather WCK creates a local and sustainable food structure allowing for the community to thrive even after times of crisis have passed. If you would like to donate to WCK or learn more, please visit their website at

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