MADISON, WI — State Representative Dave Murphy (R–Greenville) issued the following
statement regarding the governor’s annual State of the State Address:

“In his annual state of the state address, the governor gave himself a big undeserved pat on the back for trying to fix the problems he helped cause. Every federal emergency dollar spent is a bill that will come due for the hardworking taxpayers of our state. Even worse, the massive influx of borrowed federal tax dollars are causing record inflation, a national employee shortage and long term problems we haven’t even begun to fully realize.

“The damage caused to Wisconsin families, children and businesses is not something we should be celebrating. Any person with a bit of common sense knows that we have not recovered from forced shutdowns, mandates, and shortages. The Evers’ spending spree is a blatant attempt to repay political cronies and convince voters that he isn’t responsible for the losses we all suffered.

“If we had adopted the governor’s proposed budget, we would not have the surplus that he is taking credit for. When it comes to actually governing, Tony Evers has shown that he isn’t
willing to do more than hand out federally funded checks. Wisconsin cities like Kenosha,
Milwaukee, and Waukesha are making national headlines for violence while the governor sits idle. Instead of calling up our National Guard or holding District Attorneys accountable for releasing violent criminals the governor chose to do nothing. Nothing is exactly what I’m willing to give our governor credit for this year.”

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