MADISON – Today, Assembly Democrats forced Republican leadership to go on the record about whether they support Assembly Joint Resolution 120 from Republican Rep. Tim Ramthun, which would attempt to illegally recall Wisconsin’s 2020 electoral votes:

“Over the past year and a half, audits, recounts, official canvasses, and court cases have all repeatedly demonstrated that our 2020 elections were safe, secure, and accurate. Meanwhile, Republicans have failed to accept reality and continued to spread misinformation about the 2020 election. Despite having every opportunity to put rampant conspiracy theories to rest, Republican leadership has allowed them to continue unabated.

“When given the opportunity to reject these conspiracy theories on the floor of the Assembly, Republican leadership instead sent AJR 120 to the Rules Committee where they did not intend to hold a vote and make clear that the Assembly rejects this illegal and undemocratic proposal. By sending it to the Rules Committee, they are hiding behind Representative Steineke, whose retirement gives them cover from answering the basic question of whether they support democracy. They have chosen to let lies fester for political expediency. This cannot go unanswered by Republican leadership any longer.

“When it comes to reaffirming the basic facts about our democratic system and the results of the 2020 election, Speaker Robin Vos and Republican leaders have failed our state. We gave them an opportunity to send a clear message that the Wisconsin Assembly will not take up an illegal resolution to overturn the will of the people and recall Wisconsin’s electors.

“Tonight, Democrats took a stand and forced Republican leadership to be honest: AJR 120 will not move forward because the leadership of both parties knows that this resolution is undemocratic and illegal.

“We can only hope that, in the future, Assembly Republicans will not waver in their obligation to defend our democracy. The people of Wisconsin deserve transparency from Republican leadership, and tonight – thanks to Democrats in the Assembly – they finally got it.”

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