MADISON – Following the announcement of Governor Evers’s plan to use Wisconsin’s record surplus funds to deliver relief to Wisconsinites and invest in our schools, Assembly Democratic Leader Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) released the following statement in support:

“Since the beginning of his administration, Governor Evers has made it his mission to deliver real relief for Wisconsinites in every corner of our state. With this week’s announcement that Wisconsin projects a $3.8 billion surplus at the end of the 2021-23 biennium, it is clear that we need to seize the moment and help workers, families, businesses, and schools across the state.

“Gov. Evers’s plan will not only strengthen our workforce by helping working families cover the costs of childcare and caregiving, but it will also make much-needed investments in Wisconsin’s education system and the small businesses that serve as the backbone of our communities. The opportunity is in front of us, and we have to take it. I call on my Republican colleagues to join us in taking up Gov. Evers’s plan so that we can deliver real relief to everyone in Wisconsin.”

Gov. Evers’s plan will utilize Wisconsin’s updated revenue projections to provide a $150 surplus refund to every Wisconsin resident, provide $131.8 million in targeted tax relief to caregivers and families, and invest $750 million in education. Further details regarding Gov. Evers’ proposal can be found here.

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