MADISON – Following the end of the Assembly’s floor session today, Democratic Leader Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) released the following statement:

“Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly met in its second disappointing session day of the month. Instead of working across the aisle to develop long-term solutions to public safety issues, address the pandemic, and proactively invest in our communities, the GOP continued to pursue short-sighted policies.

“Our friends, neighbors, public health workers, and essential workers have spent the last two years working to get through this pandemic and stop the spread of COVID-19. Instead of continuing that work on the floor today, Assembly Republicans moved forward dangerous and unscientific policies that will contribute to the ongoing spread of the virus in our state. We must continue to base our pandemic response in science, not partisan politicking. Today, the GOP made it clear that they will continue to throw science out the window instead of moving forward with evidence-based health policies.

“Assembly Republicans capped off their legislative agenda by passing a series of costly, ineffective bills that fail to actually address the real public safety challenges faced by communities across Wisconsin, funded by one-time federal ARPA funds. Our local governments need long-term, stable funding to provide essential services, including public safety, public health, first responders, libraries, and more after a decade of GOP cuts to shared revenue. Let’s get to work and give our communities the resources they need instead of playing short-sighted political games.

“Assembly Democrats are ready to take up policies that would actually address the challenges Wisconsinites are facing and make proactive, sustained investments in our communities. It’s time for the GOP to join us.”

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