MADISON – Following the conclusion of today’s Assembly floor session, Assembly Democratic Leader Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) released the following statement:

“Today was yet another disappointing day in the Assembly. Legislative Republicans were unwilling to take up policy proposals that would get at the root of the challenges facing Wisconsinites. As the end of session nears, Republicans are letting the clock run out and missing opportunity after opportunity to pass popular and necessary bills.

“Yesterday, we could have made meaningful investments in our students and schools. Today, we could have passed a bill supporting frontline healthcare workers who have gone above and beyond for the past two years. Tomorrow, we could pass needed criminal justice reform and close Lincoln Hills once and for all. Instead, Republicans continue to refuse to come to the table and work together for Wisconsinites. They are letting countless opportunities for real progress pass us by.

“Republicans continue to put forward legislation that puts up roadblocks — to getting federal aid out the door in the middle of the pandemic, to controlling the spread of COVID-19, to providing access to the ballot box for every voter. I sincerely hope that with the time we have left, Republican Legislators will choose to work with us to do what is right for Wisconsin instead of pursuing divisive and dangerous proposals.”

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