MADISON, Wis – Today, Speaker Robin Vos (R – Rochester) announced that he has fired Michael Gableman and closed the Office of the Special Counsel. This news comes just days after Michael Gableman endorsed Vos’s primary opponent.

Representative Greta Neubauer released the following statement:

“This news comes months too late for the people of Wisconsin. Speaker Vos and Michael Gableman’s sham investigation should have never happened. For 14 months, Gableman was empowered to spread disinformation about our elections – Republican leadership needs to take responsibility for the damage they’ve done to our democracy and make clear that the 2020 election was fair and secure. The investigation was a farce from the beginning and did nothing but waste taxpayer dollars, demonize our local clerks and election officials, and further sow misinformation and doubt in our democratic systems.

“I’m relieved the Office of the Special Counsel is closed, but this action from Speaker Vos today is far too little, far too late.”

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