The Wisconsin State Assembly adjourned the 2021-2022 legislative session tonight. Rep. Tod Ohnstad offered the following statement: 

“First and foremost, my thoughts are with the people of Ukraine who are suffering from the Russia invasion.”

“Republicans last hoorah on the floor was a series of election bills which undermine our democracy and make it harder to vote. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. All session long it’s been about the ‘big lie’ and attacks on our overwhelmed clerks. It’s unfortunate the big lie and political games got in the way of hearing debate on popular issues. A bill I was pleased to vote yes on was Senate Bill 520, which moves forward a plan to close Lincoln Hills. It passed unanimously.” 

“Medicaid expansion, universal background checks, and marijuana legalization were all missed opportunities this session. Each one of these issues had the opportunity to be debated; however, Republicans gerrymandered legislative maps, disenfranchised voters, attempted to overturn Roe V. Wade, and even attempted to strip Governor Evers of his power. This legislative session was not about passing policy Wisconsinites wanted, it was about Republicans passing one talking point bill after another.” 

“It’s clear this session was all about Republicans pushing through talking point bills. A bipartisan bill I’ve been working on for several sessions didn’t receive a chance to be debated on the floor, even after passing through committee unanimously in both chambers. Assembly Bill 223 would have eliminated a tax disparity between retired federal workers receiving social security and former federal employees not receiving social security, but instead receiving a pension. My bill was cosponsored by several Democrats and Republicans as it’s a common-sense issue of fairness. I’ll continue to fight for these federal retirees going forward.”

“Lastly, I’m thankful for Governor Evers as he vetoed many of the harmful bills that landed on his desk. It’s a scary to think where our state would be if he wasn’t our Governor. I hope next session Republicans stop the ‘big lie’ so we can actually debate policies Wisconsinites want to see. The people are sick and tired of political theatre.”

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