MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly held their first floor period of the year to debate a variety of different legislation. While we passed some good legislation relating to funding telehealth services and our U.S. armed forces, Republicans pushed through a number of bills risking the safety of students.

Representative Ohnstad offered the following statement:

“I’m extremely frustrated and disappointed. For Republicans to pass several bills which would allow firearms on school grounds and in places of worship is terrifying. No mother, father, grandparent, or guardian should worry about gun violence when they drop their loved one off at school. Our community has certainly suffered its great deal of gun violence and these bills only promote more violence.”

“I recently sent out a survey to community members and received hundreds of responses back; 94% of those indicated they support background checks for gun purchases. I don’t believe my Republican colleagues for a second when they say Wisconsinites want more laid-back gun laws. Wisconsinites want honesty, transparency, and for us to do our job.”

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