During Governor Evers’ State of the State Address, he announced a surplus refund plan to send every Wisconsinite $150, invest millions into student mental health and educational services, and provide tax relief for childcare and other caregivers. In order to accomplish this, the Legislature needed to approve it during a special session; however, Republicans gaveled in and out – rejecting the refund plan.

Rep. Tod Ohnstad offered the following statement:

“This is truly a shame. We had an opportunity to come together and help Wisconsinites address the rising costs of goods whether they’re at the gas pump or in the checkout line, but Republicans failed to help.”

“It’s a stab in the back to the hard-working childcare and other caregivers who are already severely unpaid, yet stepped up in every way possible during the pandemic. It’s a stab in the back to the Wisconsinites who are struggling to put food on the table. It’s a stab in the back to students and teachers who are pleading for more resources.”

“I ask myself every day when the nasty political games will stop. Judging by the way today went, it appears I’ll be continuing to ask myself that question. This was yet another missed opportunity for Republicans.”

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