MADISON – Representative Loren Oldenburg (Viroqua) commends the passage of three bills he authored, Assembly Bills 730, 932, and 973. These bills were passed on February 17th by the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Over the course of the past year Representative Oldenburg has worked with Mayor Helgerson and the City of Westby to write a bill that will help promote the success of the city’s industrial park. Assembly Bill 730 will allow for the City of Westby to continue the growth of their industrial park. The expansion of the industrial park could lead to the greatest economic growth that the City of Westby has ever seen.

The other two bills authored by Representative Oldenburg, Assembly Bill 932, and Assembly Bill 973 provide updates, and access to Wisconsin’s youth and registered apprenticeship programs. The apprenticeship programs offered in Wisconsin help to train skilled workers, and can assist with the current workforce shortage.

“I am pleased that these three bills have passed the Wisconsin State Assembly; it’s especially great to see a bill that benefits this 96th district, Assembly Bill 730, pass unanimously” said Oldenburg. “We all know that we are facing a critical workforce shortage, and passage, with bipartisan support, of these bills will help to promote the youth and registered apprenticeship programs in Wisconsin. These programs are important for getting more skilled workers into the workforce, and training people for a career in which they will be successful.”

Each of these bills need to be passed by the Wisconsin State Senate, and then they will be presented to the Governor.

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