Madison, WI. Rep. William Penterman (R-Columbus) released the following statement on Assembly Bill 953, relating to the floodplain and shore land mapping assistance program signed into law by Governor Evers. 

“This bill simply deletes a subchapter from our statutes that has not been in use since 1986,” said Rep. Penterman. “We should delete statutes that are no longer useful, out of date or have expired.”

In 1979, Chapter 87.31 of the Wisconsin State Statutes created the floodplain and shore land mapping assistance program to provide counties, cities, and villages with financial assistance to produce adequate topographical mapping of floodplain and shore land areas and to delineate floodplain and floodway boundaries. 

Since that time, floodplains and shore lines have been well documented. There is no longer a need for the program, and as a result, the program sunset in February of 1986.

“I am happy that the Governor found some common ground with the State Legislature on eliminating outdated statutes. I look forward to finding ways we can all work together to improve Wisconsin.” 

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