MADISON, WI – Last Friday Governor Evers signed 2021 Senate Bill 392 into law as 2021 Wisconsin Act 254. This bill authored by Rep. Jon Plumer (R – Lodi) & Sen. Mary Felzkowski (R – Irma), will create the position of and certify expanded dental auxiliaries in Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin Act 254 will fundamentally change dental care in Wisconsin,” said Rep. Plumer. “Residents across our state in both urban and rural communities will see expanded access and higher quality of care at their dental offices.”

Wisconsin Act 254 adds an additional member to dental care teams – expanded function dental auxiliaries (EFDAs). EFDAs would join dental assistants and hygienists as those authorized under dentists to practice in this state. The legislation also requires a minimum number of hours for training and requires EFDAs to practice under the supervision of a dentist. More than twenty states and branches of the military already utilize EFDAs as members of dental care teams.

“This legislation passed the legislature unanimously and I am glad Governor Evers signed this overwhelmingly bipartisan legislation into law.”

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