MADISON- Rep. Sondy Pope (D-Mt. Horeb) has announced that she will not seek re-election to the Wisconsin State Assembly. Rep. Pope released the following statement regarding her upcoming retirement:


“It has been an immense honor and privilege these past twenty years to serve the people of both the 79th and 80th Assembly Districts. Of the many incredible opportunities I have enjoyed as a legislator, while working in the most beautiful building in Wisconsin, the responsibility to serve and collaborate with my constituents has been the most rewarding. I have enjoyed the support of committed and knowledgeable staff to whom I am deeply grateful. I have cherished this work and the relationships built along the way. It is now time for me to step out of this role, and I look forward to the next generation of leaders and the work they will do.”


“Thanks to the hardworking, forward-thinking individuals who live there, the 80th Assembly District is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. I am so proud to call it home. In this next phase of my life, I look forward to opportunities to spend more time with loved ones, travel, seek new opportunities, and enjoy our beautiful community.”


“Over the last two decades, I have learned countless valuable lessons. Perhaps the most important one is that democracy is fragile. It simply must not be taken for granted. I urge citizens, as well as my colleagues in the Legislature, to remain mindful of this solemn truth. We must oppose all forces that would corrupt Wisconsin’s former reputation for clean, honest, and progressive politics. There is still important work ahead that requires our support and protection.


Pope was first elected in 2002. During her 20 years of service to the people of southwestern Wisconsin, she has long been a fierce and consistent leader on issues related to education. Having served as both chair and ranking Democratic member of the Assembly Committee on Education, She has long advocated for the success of Wisconsin’s students, has supported educators, and strived for high-quality public schools in every community. In addition, she has been a leading supporter of progressive values such as quality and accessible health care, protection of the environment, and equality for minorities, women, and children.

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