MADISON, Wis. – Governor Evers recently announced a plan to reinvest nearly $1.7 billion of the projected $3.8 billion revenue surplus. These investments include a $150 surplus refund to every resident, and relief to address rising childcare and caregiver costs. In addition to this, the governor also announced and additional $750 million for K-12 education. In response, Representative Sondy Pope (D-Mt. Horeb), the ranking member of the Committee on Education, released the following statement:

“I applaud Governor Evers for taking decisive action by reinvesting in our students and future workforce. When the people of Wisconsin chose him to lead, they knew he would prioritize the education of our children above all else, and he has not wavered from that path. Rather than sit idly on the surplus revenue as the GOP wishes, the governor has taken bold action to make these funds work for the people, giving schools the resources and tools they need to produce better outcomes for all Wisconsin students. These investments will provide financial breathing room and new opportunities for school districts across the state. ”

This plan includes providing a $200 per pupil increase to district revenue limits, allowing more funds to be spent directly into classrooms. The plan also includes per-pupil categorical aid increases by $128 per pupil, and an infusion of $188 million in general aid. Special Education aid will received $172.6 million, getting the reimbursement rate to an estimated 40%, the highest rate in 25 years. In addition, the plan seeks to create new programs to increase access to driver’s education, to provide clean water to areas in need, and to directly address urban achievement gaps. Existing categorical aids will also be supplemented in areas such as bilingual-bicultural aid, school breakfast programs, and aid for school mental health.

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