MADISON – State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) released the following  statement regarding facts surrounding election integrity efforts:  

“It has been suggested that there are other issues believed to rank above election integrity. I would like to  remind everyone that this is not the case. Elections have consequences, and manipulated elections have  catastrophic consequences. Each of the following issues are direct results of those who hold positions in  governance. The issues stated as greater concern, stem from the condition of elected compared to  appointed.” 

“Economic problems including unemployment, soaring consumer price and producer price indexes can be  tied to the current national leadership.” 

“Law enforcement issues like the ‘defunding the police’ and crime rates rising or falling, are tied to policy  that state or national leadership enables or disables. While it’s commendable our body has many pieces of  law enforcement legislation being introduced, I feel it is far more important to remove the problem that  created those issues to begin with.” 

“Medical Freedom and guidelines for how to handle crisis and how it is funded is also resulted from those  elected. When it comes to this particular category, my office has now released a resolution that seeks to  protect and uphold the people’s constitutional right to consent.”  

“All these issues are a direct result of those elected. If the people have lost faith in the process that elected  those individuals because evidence suggests things were tampered with, then we must resolve them. Both  2016 and 2020 election results came under heavy criticism. If the people have no confidence in the  system on either side of the aisle, neglecting the problem simply compounds it with each election held.  The damage this is causing is catastrophic. Election integrity is very clearly the number one issue we face  in our nation. Bar none.” 

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