MADISON – State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) released the following  statement regarding the evidence of multiple election laws broken during the 2020 election:  

“My office has been dedicated to collecting data affiliated with the 2020 election. We need to address the  fact that we now have multiple lawsuits and investigations that reveal a plethora of evidence multiple  Wisconsin election laws were broken by the WEC.”  

“Supreme Court Justice Bradley’s Dissent of Trump’s case 2020AP2038 reveals that the WEC broke ss.  6.84(1) and ss. 6.84(2), ss. 5.05(1), ss. 227.112(3), ss. 6.86, ss. 6.87(3)(4)(5)(6)(7) and (9). You will  notice the remaining lawsuits also reference many of these same statutes, indicating that there is  additional evidence for these laws being broken.”  

“Mueller vs. WEC case has a multitude of compelling evidence that the WEC broke ss. 6.87(6) and  claimed the election should not have been certified prior to January 6th.”  

“Attorney Eric Kardaal provides ample evidence that the CTCL has clearly broken ss. 12.11 in his  testimony presented in the December 8th Assembly Campaign and Elections Committee.”  

“Attorney Kardaal also has five lawsuits against the WEC in Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee  and Racine all represent locals within their respective areas who testified that the WEC has broken ss.  5.05(1) and ss. 7.15(1). Recently appeals have been filed to additionally reflect ss. 12.11 election bribery  in these 5 cities.”  

“Racine County Sheriff’s investigation reveals irrefutable evidence that the WEC broke ss. 6.84, ss.  6.875 and ss. 12.13 to the extent that the WEC is on camera admitting to this.”  

 “Including the continued findings presented in the Assembly Campaign and Elections Committee in  regards to voter rolls and WisVote data irregularities, the evidence the 2020 election should not have  been certified is abundantly obvious.”  

“I feel the excuse of ‘not enough evidence’ to reclaim our 10 electors has any merit. While many point to  our democratic executive branch and our left-leaning Attorney General as reason we cannot do anything  about all of this, the resolution requires neither of them. I plan to release my constitutional merit for that  action very soon, which leaves me with one question. What is the source of this obvious obstruction?”  

The 59th Assembly District includes Hartford, Kewaskum, Campbellsport, Eden, Cascade, Waldo, Mount  Calvary, St. Cloud, and New Holstein.

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