MADISON – State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) released the following statement in response to the decision by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) to blatantly ignore the authorized and legal actions of the Legislative’s JCRAR committee to suspend Emergency Rule 2209 that was issued by the WEC, relative to the curing (correcting) of absentee ballot certifications:

“ER2209 was requested with the intent to allow for modifications to absentee ballots so they could be counted. On July 20th, oversight by the Legislative JCRAR committee denied this request, therefore removing all subjective provisions of this rule that maintains requirements for absentee ballot certifications to align with ss227.26(2)(d). The WEC failed to show for this legislative committee hearing and instead announced today they will inform municipal clerks to ignore state law and continue to illegally cure ballots. This is not the first time misguidance occurred by the WEC, but it needs to be the last”.

“The WEC states it only gives guidance. The municipal and county clerks state they’re only following the guidance and/or directives of the WEC. Is anyone ever held accountable? Lawlessness is the by-product of an absence of discipline, structure, law, and accountability. The indifference by the WEC to follow rule of law is a learned behavior. Examples must be made, actions up to and including termination and criminal charges must occur, beginning with the WEC Administrator. I fully concur with Sen. Nass and join him in calling upon legislative leadership to immediately address any and all legal action, including an emergency injunction by the Supreme Court. Fall of 2022 elections are already underway.”

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