FRANKLIN, Wis. – Rep. Jessie Rodriguez (R-Oak Creek) joined her Assembly Republican colleagues today in unveiling a package of bills aimed at supporting the law enforcement community.


“Right now, Wisconsin has the fewest amount of law enforcement officers that we’ve had in a decade. Retirements and resignations are up, while applications are down, and local governments and police departments are struggling to fill positions,” said Rep. Rodriguez. “This is why we must take action at the state level now to show our support for law enforcement.”


The legislative package that was introduced today will support law enforcement by:

– Providing signing bonuses to new and experienced officers who relocate to Wisconsin

Reimbursing law enforcement academy costs for all officers (not just agency-sponsored officers)

– Requiring technical colleges to offer part-time academy programs

– Creating a matching grant program for small agencies to provide equipment and pre-employment testing


“Here in my community, we have a strong relationship between the public and our police officers. These positive relationships lead to a unified community where neighbors feel safe and in turn support our officers,” commented Rodriguez. “Keeping our officers and communities safe must remain a top priority in the Legislature.”


“This Sunday, January 9th, is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. I invite our community to join me in showing appreciation for our local law enforcement by wearing blue clothing or sharing a positive story about an interaction with a law enforcement officer on social media,” said Rodriguez.


“I’d like to close by thanking all our local law enforcement for their honorable and selfless service. Their work to keep our community safe does not go unnoticed,” concluded Rep. Rodriguez.

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