MADISON – On Thursday, during the Assembly’s floor session, Rep. Jessie Rodriguez (R-Oak Creek) voted in favor of several bills aimed at strengthening Wisconsin’s workforce and getting able-bodied people back to work.    

“Business owners in my district tell me that their biggest struggle is finding workers to fill vacant positions. For many of them, hiring more workers is critical to keeping their doors open. “This is why my colleagues and I are supporting bills that encourage people to re-enter the workforce,” said Rep. Rodriguez. “Employers need our help and that’s why I’m proud to support a package of bills that address workforce shortages in our state. Two bills I want to highlight are AB 937 and AB 973.”  

 Rep. Rodriguez continued, “AB 937 indexes the number of weeks a person is eligible to receive unemployment based on the state’s current unemployment rate. Under the proposed bill, the weeks someone is able to receive benefits would range from 14 weeks, when the unemployment rate is 3.5% and below, to 26 weeks (the current maximum), when the unemployment rate is 9% and above. This bill encourages capable adults to re-enter the workforce when unemployment levels are low and jobs are plentiful.”

“The other bill I’m highlighting is AB 973. This bill provides updates and access to Wisconsin’s youth and registered apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeship programs in Wisconsin train workers and can help address our state’s current workforce shortage. I am excited to help young Wisconsinites get into apprenticeship programs aimed at helping them enter the workforce and obtain a good paying job.  In Wisconsin, tradesmen and women are aging and will be retiring in the coming years. Helping get young people into the trades to take their place will ensure that businesses have employees ready to build homes and businesses for the future of our economy,” concluded Rep. Rodriguez. 

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