MADISON – Senator Joan Ballweg (R-Markesan) and Representative Jessie Rodriguez (R-Oak Creek) authored Senate Bill 604, which clarifies the financial documents that are to be exchanged in cases where there is a child support, family support, or maintenance order in effect. This bill was signed into law as 2021 Wisconsin Act 259 today.

Current law requires the parties to a divorce to exchange financial information each year post-judgment whenever there is a child support or family support order in effect. Act 259 extends this requirement to parties with a maintenance order and clarifies Wisconsin’s statutes surrounding this process by enumerating which financial documents are to be exchanged (including state and federal tax forms and other documentation of income) and requiring the documents to be exchanged by May 1st of each calendar year. Act 259 will also allow information to be redacted for privacy or safety reasons.

“By clarifying what financial information needs to be exchanged and when, Act 259 will reduce the need for litigation and provide parity among parties,” commented Rep. Rodriguez. “Also, by explicitly allowing for the redaction of certain information for privacy or safety reasons, we can protect survivors of domestic violence by allowing them to keep certain information – such as their current home address – private.”

Senate Bill 604 passed both the Assembly and the Senate unanimously, and is supported by the Family Law Section of the State Bar, Legal Action of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families.

“The court requires the parties to a divorce to exchange financial information annually to ensure that payment amounts for support are calculated accurately and adjusted when necessary. This legislation will further guarantee that support is calculated correctly and remains up-to-date from year to year,” concluded Sen. Ballweg.

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