MADISON, WI— On October 4th, 2022, the Wisconsin Legislature convened for a special session to create a legal pathway for Wisconsin voters to repeal the 1849-era criminal abortion ban. Republican legislators gaveled in and immediately gaveled out. On this matter, Rep. Stubbs (D-77) released the following statement:

“Today we are disheartened to see Republican legislators’ inaction, but we are not surprised. There has long been a pattern of negligence plaguing our state’s government as Republican legislators refuse to implement the will of the Wisconsin people.”

“We have long known the battle for our reproductive rights would be arduous, but we could never have anticipated the pure exhaustion that comes from working with a majority party that refuses to show up and have a conversation. We are tired of seeing our commitment constantly be subverted by Republican legislators who refuse to listen to the people. However, our movement remains strong, and our voices loud.”

“Here’s what we know: banning safe and legal abortions does not end the practice of abortion. Banning abortion forces those who wish to end their pregnancy to undertake the process themselves, outside of safe facilities, putting their lives and wellbeing at much greater risk. Taking away the right to choose is deplorable and unjust, especially as our Republican-controlled Legislature refuses to use collected taxpayer dollars to improve conditions for Wisconsinites and their families.”

Reproductive Justice is defined as the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent our children in safe and sustainable communities. It is exceedingly clear that Republicans are obstructing reproductive justice. These blatant violations of our reproductive rights must be addressed and condemned. We have the power to build a world that promotes the reproductive rights of all people and there is no excuse not to use it.”

“We must restore reproductive freedom in Wisconsin. Our neighbors deserve to make the most sensible and safe family-planning decisions for themselves. These decisions are best made individually, informed by a person’s life circumstances and personal values. As legislators, it is not our place to insert ourselves into a private healthcare decision that should remain between a pregnant person, their family, and their faith. We must use our power to protect reproductive justice throughout our state.” 

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