GREEN BAY – Governor Tony Evers spoke at the YMCA in downtown Green Bay this morning following the State of the State Address last night and the signing of Executive Order #139. This order calls the State Legislature in for a special session on March 8th to take up Senate Bill 956, the Governor’s plan for the budget surplus. Representative Kristina Shelton (D – Green Bay) joined in speaking at this event and offered the following statement:

“Because of the hard-work of everyday Wisconsinites, our state is in an exceptionally strong fiscal position – new revenue projections indicate that we will have a $3.8 billion surplus at the end of the 2021-23 biennium. On top of that, we now have the lowest unemployment rate in state history at 2.8% and the fewest number of people unemployed ever.

“Governor Evers’ surplus plan aligns with what members of the Green Bay community have been continuously asking for – increased funding for mental health, financial support to offset rising costs, and tax relief for those in the caregiving economy to relieve some of the stress placed on individuals doing unpaid and unseen labor.

“It all makes a lot of sense to me. And, it makes sense to Governor Evers. Which is why I’m proud to stand today, together, to find common ground and to do what’s right by the people of this state.

Wisconsinites are the reason for our state’s and our economy’s success. They are the real heroes of our shared story. Let’s invest these public dollars back into our communities and into each other in support of common good.”

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