MADISON, Wis – Today, Rep. Shelton (D-Green Bay) joined Governor Evers and Legislative Democrats in advocating for the protection of reproductive rights in Wisconsin. Rep. Shelton released the following statement regarding the special session:

“I want to thank Governor Evers for calling on our State Legislature to act on protecting reproductive rights for Wisconsinites, including the repeal of our state’s archaic and regressive abortion ban from 1849. My Democratic colleagues and I came to Madison today ready to support the will of our constituents in securing the right to make private decisions with one’s doctor, including the option of abortion.

“My colleagues from across the aisle stand in harsh opposition to what the people of our state want – the Marquette Law Poll results released today showed that 58% of Americans believe that access to abortion should be the law of the land, and yet our legislative majority disagrees. Instead of listening to their constituents, Wisconsin’s Republicans quickly gaveled another opportunity away.

“Wisconsinites who need abortions should be able to access them safely, legally, and free from interference or shame. As an Assembly Democrat, I will continue to fight for access to abortion and the protection of choice, no matter what.”

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