MADISON – Today, Senators Felzkowski and Bernier and Representatives Snyder, Schraa, Rozar, Edming, Kitchens, Krug, Loudenbeck, Macco, Novak, Sortwell, and Tittl introduced LRB-0250, a bill to create a limited scope medical marijuana program in Wisconsin. On the bill’s introduction, Representative Shelton (D – Green Bay) offered the following statement:

“This bill introduced by my Republican colleagues in the Assembly and Senate only addresses a small fraction of the benefits possible from full legalization of cannabis in Wisconsin. It prioritizes pharmaceutical companies, not our farmers or Main Streets, as it allows for liquids, oils, pills, tinctures, and topical treatments – but not plants or inhalants.

“I appreciate that more legislators are coming to the table to address cannabis prohibition, including my Republican colleagues. However, this specific policy is not the direction Wisconsin should go in – we need to go further.

“Wisconsin is ready NOW to fully legalize cannabis for safe, just, responsible adult usage. Our communities are ready, our farmers are ready, and our Main Streets are ready.

“That is where the office of the 90th Assembly District is putting our time and energy. We can do this – let’s legalize cannabis and pass AB 846.”

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