GREEN BAY, WI – Today, Rep. Shelton (D-Green Bay) spoke out at Wisconsin Public Service’s public hearing at the Neville Museum in regards to proposed utility rate hikes for this winter. Her statement is as follows:

“In this public office, my staff and I have had the unique opportunity of hearing from, assisting, and supporting constituents with any issues brought to our attention – frequently on the cost of living and how to make ends meet in our ever-changing economy. One of the primary stressors has been the increase in cost of utilities to just keep the lights and heat on.

“What WPS has today is a choice – to give a hand up to the working class and mediate your profit margins, or max out in a utility space that constituents cannot get by without subscribing. And in Green Bay, we don’t have a choice – it’s WPS, or nothing.

“The fliers we received over the summer said to expect a $6 increase this winter – how did we get to $15? And, why has the brunt of this change in rates been put on residential and small business consumers?

“The Green Bay Press Gazette reported that the proposed changes include, “14.7% increase in [residential customers’ rates]… rates for small commercial and industrial customers would go up 14.1%, or $34.88 a month, while large industrial and commercial customers would have a 7.3% increase.”

“That’s as plain as it gets – the largest corporations in our area will see a softened blow, while our working class families will have to decide between affording lunch and having the lights on this winter. That’s the choice WPS has today. For the sake of our constituents, small businesses, and community, I encourage WPS to make the right choice.”

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation will continue to collect public comments via online form or paper mail through November 3rd. Details can be found here.

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