Rep. Sinicki’s statement regarding the demise of Roe v Wade:

“SCOTUS’ decision sets implicit precedent for controlling citizen’s private decisions, not just regarding abortion. It may pave the way also for a return to governmental control of many areas of our lives, including use of birth control, family size, and interracial or same-sex marriage.

“In Wisconsin, the probable reactivation of Wisconsin’s pre-Civil War anti-abortion law is perhaps the gravest threat to the personal privacy and autonomy of Wisconsinites that I have seen in my 32 years as an elected official.

“This decision also implies that women cannot be allowed to control their own health care, and that once again, “people who know better” have the right to tell them what to do.

Finally, SCOTUS has set an undeniable precedent of overriding our constitution’s law that the United States is ruled by freedom from the religious dictates of others, and structured by a separation of the state from the church.

It is a full-frontal assault on, and is utterly incompatible with, the bedrock American principles of religious freedom and the separation of church and stateThis ruling gives right-wing leaders unfettered license to codify fringe religious beliefs into civil law.”                                                                                                                         *Jamie Manson, E.D., Catholics for Choice

“The United States is returning to the dark ages while other countries around the world recently have decriminalized abortion, even where Roman Catholics predominate. The right-wing religious conservatives on the US Supreme Court have returned us to a dangerous and callous past that had been put to rest 50 years ago.”

(* )

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