MADISON—Today the WI State Assembly passed four bills which will expand gun laws in Wisconsin. The bills lower the age of conceal carry to 18, allow for possession of firearms in a vehicle on school grounds with a conceal carry permit, allow for possession of a firearm in a place of worship located on the grounds of a public school, and allow out-of-state gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a background check in the state of Wisconsin.

State Representative Lee Snodgrass (D-57) released the following statement:

“Today I spoke against AB498 which lowers the age for concealed carry licenses in Wisconsin to 18 years of age. This bill, in conjunction with AB 495, which permits possession of firearms in a vehicle on school grounds, are a potentially deadly combination. It is beyond comprehension that the Wisconsin Republicans want to let teenagers have guns in school parking lots.

We know that youth are at great risk for suicide and should be doing all we can to protect them. In fact, in the last decade alone the youth suicide rate has increased by 42%. Further, science also tells us that youth brain development is not complete until around the age of 25 and that scientifically, teens and those in their early 20’s make decisions with the emotional–not the rational part of their brain, often resulting in quick tempered, rash or emotional behaviors they deeply regret later. We do not allow 18-year olds to rent a car, rent a hotel room or consume alcohol. All of these are measures designed to keep young people safe and secure. Making it easier for younger people to access and carry firearms (often with no training) shows a disregard for their safety and the community.”

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