MADISON – Today Rep.Snodgrass (D-57) joined Governor Evers and Legislative Democrats in advocating for the protection of reproductive rights in Wisconsin. Rep.Snodgrass released the following statement regarding the special session:

“It’s unbelievable to me that we stand at the precipice of fundamental rights to make private, personal reproductive healthcare decisions being overturned. Further mind boggling is that an outdated law from 1849, when men were the sole lawmakers and arrived at the Capitol by horse and buggy, would go into effect in Wisconsin and prevent pregnant people in WI from receiving the full scope of healthcare they may need–including abortion.

Today, people from all over the state showed up to stand with legislative Democrats in calling for a repeal of Wisconsin’s criminal abortion ban as part of Governor Evers’ special session on reproductive rights. I gathered in the Assembly Chamber at noon with my democratic colleagues and not one Republican showed up. My colleagues on the other side of the aisle failed to meet the moment and come to work, even though Wisconsinites continue to call for protecting access to abortion. It’s shameful that Republican legislators ended Governor Evers’ special session without even a minute of debate. Wisconsinites deserve elected officials who show up, engage and act on issues important to them.”

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