Green Bay/Appleton–State Representatives Kristina Shelton (D-90) and Lee Snodgrass (D-57) were elected to Democratic caucus Secretary and Sergeant-at-Arms in the Democratic caucus meeting held on January 19, 2022.

Both Representatives were elected in November 2021 and reside in Green Bay and Appleton respectively, bringing NE Wisconsin area representation to the minority caucus after former Oshkosh Minority Leader, Gordon Hints (D-54) stepped down late last year. Rep. Shelton will fill her role immediately as former Secretary Rep. Beth Meyers was appointed to the Joint Committee on Finance. Rep. Snodgrass will step into her role February 14, 2022 when former Sergeant Rep. Kalan Haywood moves into his new role as Assistant Leader.

The Representatives released the following statements.

“I am thrilled to take on this new role as Secretary for the Assembly Democratic Caucus. The Secretary serves as a critical voice in our leadership team, our caucus, and to the people of Wisconsin. Weaving together the considerations of team-building with individual well-being, this role is uniquely positioned to grow what I like to call a “leader-full” caucus. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to grow my direct service to our members. Along with my colleagues, I am committed to continuing our fight for working families and the pursuit of common good,” said Representative Shelton.

Representative Snodgrass:

“I’m honored to join my colleagues as a member of the democratic caucus leadership team with team being the operative word. Each caucus member, whether in an official leadership capacity or leading in their district, brings an abundance of experience and wisdom to their role and collectively we have the capacity to make positive, defining change in the lives of Wisconsinites. I look forward to shaping strategy and supporting the work of my peers in the coming months as the Democratic Caucus Sergeant-at-Arms.”

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