Madison – Representative Shae Sortwell (R-Gibson) released the following statement today
regarding Governor Tony Evers’ State of the State address:

“Governor Evers failed to address the rise in crime and notable violent disasters that have
occurred in this state since he took office. Kenosha burned to the ground far too long before additional help was authorized. A violent felon released on low bail viciously plowed his vehicle through a crowd at Waukesha’s Christmas parade. Our cities are becoming more and more unsafe as crime runs rampant under the governor’s watch.”

“Rather, what the governor did sermonize was throwing millions of dollars at issues that he
caused with his tyrannical lockdowns of Wisconsin’s schools and businesses. The mental health of our students was compromised as they were forced into virtual learning, away from their friends, peers, and extracurricular activities. Businesses were restricted in providing for its customers while its workers were limited in providing for their families.”

“To help working families, the legislature authorized a $3.4 billion tax cut in our 21-23 budget as the state has had a historical surplus through conservative reforms. Ironically, the governor took credit for the tax cut in his speech, yet forgot to mention that he requested a $1 billion tax increase in his budget proposal.”

“Governor Evers has failed the citizens of Wisconsin, forcing the legislature to pick up his mess by passing tough on crime legislation to protect every individual and household from the criminals he enables. Like a change in the law, Wisconsin needs a change in the executive branch – a new governor who respects the oath to protect the people.”

Representative Sortwell is available for comment.

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