MADISON – Following Governor Tony Evers’s State of the State address this evening, State Representative Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit) released the following statement:

“Governor Evers’s State of the State address highlighted the impact of his steady leadership on our state’s families and economy, and outlined key investments that the Wisconsin legislature must work to address during this legislative session and beyond.

“I applaud the crucial investments made by the Governor in areas that need it most – including expanding rural broadband access, fixing our roads, supporting Wisconsin farmers and small businesses, and providing tax relief for Wisconsin businesses and families affected by the pandemic. Through federal pandemic aid, we have supported more than 100,000 small businesses and 20,000 farms and invested more than $100 million to expand affordable broadband. We have also improved more than 1,770 miles of highway and provided $480 million in tax relief for Wisconsin families and businesses affected by the pandemic.

“We have accomplished so much in the past three years, but we know there is more to be done. I was proud that Governor Evers highlighted his efforts to use the state’s $3.8 billion surplus to invest in Wisconsinites – including providing a $150 surplus refund to every Wisconsin resident, expanding the Child and Dependent Care Credit program, and investing nearly $750 million in education at every level. I strongly support the Governor’s proposal, and I hope that Republican legislative leaders will set aside politics and take it up soon. I will continue to fight to address these urgent issues.

“That includes taking up the Governor’s call for a special session to put money back into the pockets of hardworking Wisconsinites. Our state has a surplus that can be put to work, and the legislature should answer the Governor’s call to do so.

“I also appreciate the leadership that Governor Evers has shown by making investments in our state a reality. Tonight, Governor Evers announced $30 million in investments in EMS services that will help people in districts like the 45th, where rural services have been doing everything they can to continue to serve while funding constraints hold them back. The Governor also announced investments in our students and schools, including $15 million for additional mental health services in our K-12 schools and $30 million for the UW System. Lastly, Governor Evers announced the creation of a Blue Ribbon Commission on Veteran Opportunity to develop new initiatives to support our state’s 300,000 veterans.

“In the final month of our legislative session, there is much work to be done to continue to support our state’s economy and working families. I look forward to continuing to work with Governor Evers and my colleagues in the legislature on these critical issues.”

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