BELOIT – State Representative Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit), the ranking Democratic member of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, issued the following statement on the first anniversary of the failed insurrection on behalf of former President Donald Trump on January 6th, 2021:

“As we reflect on the brutal attack on our nation’s Capitol one year ago, it is more clear than ever that we must reject the contempt for democracy we witnessed that day. Even now, we continue to reckon with the images of our Capitol occupied by those seeking to deny the results of a democratic election.

“Disturbingly, the anti-democratic and anti-American ideals that drove the attack on our Capitol have not subsided. Recent polling shows that the barrage of lies that former President Trump and his enablers manufactured have had their intended impact and deeply damaged our republic’s stability.

“In the aftermath of the failed insurrection on January 6th, while the majority of Americans reacted with shock and sadness, some preferred to dodge responsibility and lie about the violence that they instigated. Despite overwhelming evidence demonstrating that our electoral systems are secure, transparent, and fair, the same extremists have continued to lie about the 2020 election. Every day, they continue to use the same rhetoric that led to a mob attempting to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. It has led to a further erosion of trust, wasted tax dollars, and unprecedented threats against local election officials who have administered elections with integrity.

“As we begin the new year, we must look forward with a new determination to protect democratic institutions in our state and nation. I will continue to push back against the lies from those who would undermine our democracy – lies about the 2020 election and about the events of January 6th, 2021. I will continue to work to preserve and expand the democracy that we share.”

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