Madison, WI – An Open Records Request filed by State Representative David Steffen (R Howard) uncovered previously unknown, internal audits that reveal financial mishandling of  public funds by the Lambeau Field Stadium District Board since at least 2016. 

“After the Stadium District Board concluded its statutory mission in 2015, its only job was to not  mishandle the remaining money,” said Rep. Steffen. “Sadly, it appears they failed, and they  didn’t even work to fix the problem.”  

In documents obtained through the Open Records Request, internal auditors detailed unacceptable controls and oversight of the District’s finances and non-compliant recordkeeping  practices. Every year that the audit was conducted the same core problems remained,  deficiencies in the segregation of duties and deficiencies in financial reporting. 

“When a state-created entity is responsible for handling taxpayer money, we should have  confidence in their ability to manage those funds appropriately and legally,” said Rep. Steffen.  “These findings are alarming, and provide the most critical justification for decommissioning that government board.”  

Attachment: Auditor Deficiency Reports (2016-2020) 

For more information please contact Representative Steffen. He can be reached at (608) 266- 5840 or by email at

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