Madison, WI – Last week, Representative David Steffen (R-Howard), and Senator Patrick Testin (R-Stevens Point) had their legislation Assembly Bill 259 signed into law. This bill creates a legal framework for the licensure of genetic counselors in the state of Wisconsin.

The United States is the world leader in providing genetic counseling services to individuals and families who are at risk of or are suffering from genetic disorders. These advisory services are critical in the medical field, and are performed by highly-skilled, post-graduate scientists with a degree in Genetic Counseling. Prior to this law being enacted, there were no licensure requirements for those practicing genetic counseling.

“When health care providers, genetic counseling professionals, and medical colleges are asking for additional licensing in their field, it’s clear that they’re putting the safety of the people in their care first,” said Rep. Steffen. “We are finally joining the more than 20 states that have licensing requirements in place for genetic counselors. Wisconsin is ready for our field of these skilled health care professionals to grow.”

Under this law, genetic counselors are added in the definition of “health care provider”, and an individual who practices genetic counseling is required to be licensed by a seven-member genetic counselors affiliated credentialing board, created by the bill.

For more information please contact Representative Steffen. He can be reached at (608)266-5840 or by email at

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