On Friday, Rep. David Steffen (R-Howard) met with Stadium District Chair Chuck Lamine and  Executive Director Pat Webb to discuss and agree to a positive path forward regarding the core concerns  addressed in Rep. Steffen’s draft legislation. It was agreed upon by the parties that an appropriate,  necessary action would be for the Stadium District to expand and enhance the transparency and financial  oversight procedures relating to taxpayer-funded Lambeau Field expenses. Furthermore, it was agreed  upon that no additional lease negotiations or decisions would occur without the District Board spurring outside legal counsel to assist in understanding the current lease provisions and assist with evaluating  potential amendments. 

Below is Rep. Steffen’s statement on the meeting:  

“I am thankful for Stadium District Board Chair Chuck Lamine’s leadership and willingness to address  this fundamental element of my legislative proposal. Financial transparency and oversight of tax dollars is  a central responsibility of the Stadium District Board, and these enhancements will shine new and necessary light on Lambeau Field-related finances. Further steps relating to the long-term future and  financial relationship with the stadium will now be up to the community and its local leaders.” 

For more information, please contact Representative Steffen’s office by phone at (608) 266-5840 or by  email at [email protected].  

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