MADISON, WI- Today, Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison) joined with Representative Deb Andraca (D-Whitefish Bay) and Minority Leader Representative Neubauer (D-Racine) to introduce Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 495. This amendment would have instituted Universal Background Checks in Wisconsin. On this, Representative Stubbs released the following statement:

“On average, 22 children and teens are shot in our country every day. That means 22 families a day are forever impacted by the epidemic of gun violence. Our children deserve to grow and thrive in a community that is free from this senseless violence. Enough is enough.”

“Assembly Bill 495 would needlessly allow firearms to be brought onto school grounds. Bills like this endanger our teachers, they endanger our school administrators, and most importantly they endanger our students. That is why I introduced Assembly Amendment 1, to turn bad policy into common-sense reform.”

“While my amendment was voted down by party lines, I will continue to fight for a safer Wisconsin. Every classroom in our state should be a safe place for our students. Every student should have the opportunity to achieve academic success without thinking about their survival. No family should have to question if their student will come back home at the end of the day.”

“Universal Background Checks are a common-sense way to prevent gun violence. This practical policy is just one step we can take to make Wisconsin a safer place for everyone. As always, I will continue to support common-sense firearm reform, and promote the safety of our community.”

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