MADISON, WI- Today, Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison) released the following statement regarding the current status of the Quadren Wilson investigation:

“On February 3rd, Quadren Wilson was shot multiple times by law enforcment officers and arrested. This incident involved 21 officers from multiple law enforcement agencies. It has been almost two months since this violent apprehension, and our community is still left with many unanswered questions.”

“Why was such a heavy police presence needed to apprehend Mr. Wilson? Why were firearms used if no weapon was found? Is there any body-camera or dash-camera footage of the incident? Is there radio communication between officers that can be made available?”

“I understand the importance of a thorough and in depth investigation. All officer-involved shootings must be handled with care and consideration. However, it is vital that our community knows what occurred in this case, so that they can weigh in on potential changes to prevent future tragedies.”

“I know that the Dane County Sheriff’s office is working diligently on this case, but I urge them to continue to share information, so that our shared community can move forward.”

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