MADISON, WI – Today, Rep.Stubbs (D-Madison) released the following statement on increased Wisconsin home heating costs:

“There is a serious problem facing Wisconsinites. Heating costs are expected to drastically increase due to the rising natural gas prices globally, making heating your home more expensive. Natural gas, which is the most common home heating source in Wisconsin, will see the biggest increase, though it remains the cheapest source of heat. The National Energy Assistance Directors Association estimates it will cost about $950 to heat an average American home this year with gas — an increase of nearly $380 compared to two winters ago.”

“This marks the second straight year of double-digit increases, with NEADA expecting the average heating bill this winter will be more than 35% higher than just two years ago. WEC Energy Group estimates the average household will spend an additional $120 to $180 on heating this season, assuming normal weather conditions. Madison Gas and Electric and Xcel Energy project increases of up to $200. This is extremely worrisome for our low-income households that will be hit the hardest, putting them at increased risk of falling behind on their utility bills.”

“We must act now to help our fellow Wisconsinites. It is a difficult time for many households around our state and we must do everything we can to assist Wisconsinites with their heating costs as winter approaches. Today, our neighbors that live on a fixed income are seeing their grocery bills rise, and now have to prepare for rising heating costs on top of that. We must move forward together and come up with a solution to a problem that will help Wisconsinites where they need it most, their pocketbooks.”

“It is my hope, with the support of Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin State Legislature, we are able to pursue bipartisan action to help our neighbors. Wisconsin is already a cold place, but I know that we can come together to make it a warmer winter for every Wisconsinite.”

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