Madison, WI – Today, State Representative Paul Tittl (R-Manitowoc) released the following statement in response to the Assembly passage of Assembly Bill 538 related to liability arising from the use of previously owned eyeglasses.

“The Lion’s Club ships over 450,000 pairs of glasses annually to developing countries,” according to Rep. Tittl. “However, people in Wisconsin are unable to access the same service because of possible lawsuits.”

Rep. Tittl’s bill creates an exemption from liability under certain circumstances for nonprofit organizations such as the Lion’s Club regarding distribution of previously owned eyeglasses. Currently, nonprofits are held liable for any harm caused to users by eyeglasses processed in their facilities.

“These are wonderful glasses,” said Rep. Tittl, “and they are not redistributed without the professional assistance of an optometrist or ophthalmologist.”

“We often take our eyesight for granted,” Remarked Rep. Tittl, “I’m so pleased this bill will help people to be able to see clearly again.”

As he conclude his remarks, Tittl took the opportunity to make some light-hearted comments urging his colleagues to vote in favor. “I looked near and far for support. I challenge you not to be far-sighted! But put on your readers. Look close and grab the vision that I had. Vote aye, because seeing is believing!”

The bill, co-authored with District 1 Senator Jacque, would align Wisconsin law with Alaska, Arizona, and Oregon, which have passed legislation limiting liability.

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