Senate Committee on Health holds hearing on Tittl-Petrowski proposal relating to grants to mental health clubhouses

 Madison, WI – Today, State Representative Paul Tittl (R-Manitowoc) testified in favor of Senate Bill 901 at the Senate Committee on Health. This bill, introduced by Representative Tittl and Senator Petrowski, would create a matching grant up to $50,000 per mental health Clubhouse per year.

Representative Tittl released the following statement:

“Mental health clubhouses are non-residential recovery-based programs providing support and services to people with diagnosed mental health issues. Wisconsin has five certified clubhouses including Painting Pathways in Manitowoc.

“As the number of people dealing with mental illness increases, clubhouses play an important role. They provide a safe space for them to gather and spend time together. Working together to prepare a meal, eat and clean up helps to build long-term relationships.

“Also, clubhouses offer help concerning education, housing, and employment. They deliver that assistance in a very cost-effective way.

“The bill idea came to mind when I visited the Manitowoc Clubhouse with Senator LeMahieu.

“This bill requires the Department of Health Services to award grants to accredited Clubhouses, non-residential programs providing support and services to people with mental illness.

“Total funding per year is limited to $500,000 when the bill takes effect on July 1, 2023. The bill allows the joint committee on finance to supplement an appropriation under the passive review process.

“The grant funding program provided in this bill would open another door to people with mental health needs.”

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