MADISON, WI – Today, State Representative Travis Tranel (R-Cuba City) released a statement  

regarding Governor Evers veto of Senate Bill 89. The EMS Reform Bill, co-authored by Rep. Tranel and  State Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green), would have made the National Registry of Emergency  Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam optional for Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), which is the  lowest level recognized in Wisconsin. The NREMT exam is extremely challenging, expensive and  

doesn’t always test the most relevant information needed to become an EMR volunteer in Wisconsin. The  NREMT exam is optional for EMRs in at least 10 other states, which include: Minnesota, North Dakota,  South Dakota, and New York.  

“I’m disappointed the governor vetoed our bill. It would have made the National Registry Exam optional  for Emergency Medical Responders. When we talked to our local volunteers, this was high on their  

priority list,” said Rep Tranel. “We tried to communicate this to the governor and his team, but obviously  it fell on deaf ears. I believe there is a large contingent of individuals that want to transition to an all paid  service. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is sustainable in rural Wisconsin, and it’s also not something  

we’re interested in.” 

This bill was drafted for local EMS department leaders expressing their frustration in recruiting new  

volunteers in their respective communities. One of the biggest hurdles individuals face, is the state’s  

requirement to pass the NREMT exam in order to become an EMR. Under SB 89, EMRs would still need  to pass a Department of Health Services certified training course before they would be able to be  


Groups and individuals that testified or registered in support of SB 89/AB 93 included: 

Angela Phillips – Hollandale EMS 

Donna Flannery – South Wayne First Responders 

Raye Walz – Elroy Area Ambulance 

Andy Chenous – Argyle EMS 

Julie Neis – Benton First Responders 

Sally Bauer – Hazel Green EMS 

Maggie Langkamp – Benton First Responders 

Jason Piddington – Hazel Green Area Rescue Squad 

Becky Trewartha – Hazel Green EMS / Benton First Responders 

Donna Flannery – South Wayne EMS 

Wisconsin Towns Association 

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