MADISON – State Representative Ron Tusler (R-Harrison) stands with Senator Van Wanggaard as Governor Tony Evers’ Administration obstructs attempts to exercise the legislature’s oversight powers to request records related to eight individuals that were released before completing their sentences. These records were provided to other individuals, but not to the Senate Committee on Judiciary.

In response, Rep. Tusler said, “For five long months, Gov. Evers’ Department of Corrections has refused to provide records lawfully requested via Wisconsin’s open records law to the Legislative branch. Meanwhile, other parties have been in possession of these records. For five long months, we have been asking his administration why he released hundreds of violent offenders early.”

“Governor Evers’ actions are political! He is mere weeks away from his election and he wants to hide his mistakes until after the people of Wisconsin have voted. Evers has decided he will not be accountable for his parole decisions. He has taken that information out of the voters’ hands and has put himself above the law.”

“The Assembly Judiciary Committee demands Governor Evers follow the open records laws. Our Legislature, the People’s Representatives in our Government, demands to know why he released sex offenders, violent offenders, domestic abusers, and violent murderers, back into our neighborhoods. Perhaps this is why the People of Wisconsin are disappointed by his every effort to side with the most dangerous criminals over our state’s victims.”

“Governor Evers is playing a childish game with necessary and relevant information that our voters should know.  Shame on you, Governor Evers!”

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