MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly took up Assembly Joint Resolution 109 to honor the victims and first responders of the November 21, 2021 Waukesha Christmas Parade. State Representative Robyn Vining (D-Wauwatosa) issued the following statement:

“I remain absolutely devastated alongside our neighbors who were terrified, injured, traumatized, and tragically killed in Waukesha that night. My heart is with the victims and their families of this tragic event. We honor them today on the Assembly floor, and commend the first responders that leaped into action to save lives.

“I know that every on duty firefighter from the Waukesha Fire Department responded to the scene that night, and they were joined by several off-duty members who were also attending the parade. A total of 13 different fire departments came together to care for the victims and their families. In the days and weeks that followed, Children’s Wisconsin (Children’s Hospital) made clear in briefings that the stabilizing work done in the field was critical to the survival and healing of the patients they later received into their care, and so we applaud our first responders.

“The heroic efforts from our first responders caring for Waukesha that night saved lives, and for that I am deeply grateful. May we remember their efforts, and thank them for their contribution to our community for years to come.”

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