Madison- State Representative Tyler Vorpagel (R-Plymouth) joined his Assembly Republican colleagues to pass important legislation protecting our Second Amendment rights and supporting Wisconsin’s restaurant industry.

“Yesterday we passed important legislation protecting the Second Amendment rights of Wisconsinites,” said Rep. Vorpagel. “Once someone is considered a legal adult, their ability to defend themselves should not be infringed simply because they have not reached the age of 21. Nor should someone be considered a criminal for picking up their child from school in the family minivan while exercising their right to conceal carry.”

The bills voted on yesterday during our floor session reduce the age from 21 to 18 for an otherwise lawfully allowed individual to receive a concealed carry permit, make sure those with a concealed carry permit don’t accidentally violate the law when they pick up or drop off their child in the school parking lot, and streamline concealed carry reciprocity with other states.

“We also ensured the state’s hard-hit restaurant industry wouldn’t face taxes on any funds they received from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund to help them survive,” added Vorpagel. “Governor Evers forced these folks to close, then tried to limit their occupancy, and roughly 15% of restaurants in Wisconsin have closed permanently.” 

Under current state law this grant funding is taxable. The federal government already made them tax-free, the legislation passed conforms Wisconsin law to federal law on this issue.

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