Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) released the following statement after Senator Alberta Darling announced she will retire from the Wisconsin State Senate on December 1st.

“The Senate and the state of Wisconsin will lose a true leader with the announcement of Alberta’s retirement. Milwaukee Magazine once named her one of the Most Influential People in Milwaukee and ‘arguably the most powerful woman in state government’.

“Alberta is fair, passionate, and incredibly smart on complex public policy. She has been a strong conservative voice on the Joint Committee on Finance, and it was truly an honor to serve together as co-chairs on the committee.

“Alberta is a kind and caring woman who could crack up a whole room with her sense of humor. She was a role model to many and her legacy will be defined by helping turn the state’s massive fiscal deficit into surpluses used for transformational tax reform. She was also one of the original authors of the first school choice program in the nation, working to make sure every kid, regardless of their zip code, receives a quality education.

“Wisconsin is a better place because she has served, and on behalf of the Assembly, I want wish my dear friend all the best in retirement.”

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