State Rep. Don Vruwink (D-Milton) released the following statement following Gov. Tony Evers’ announcement on helping Wisconsinites:

“On a daily basis, I hear from my constituents who see their grocery bills, heating bills, and other costs of living outpace their income,” Vruwink said. “My constituents will welcome Gov. Tony Evers’ proposal to return some of their hard-earned money back into their pockets.”

The state general fund has the largest positive balance in state history. Gov. Evers is proposing a tax rebate that sends every Wisconsin resident $150 to defray rising costs due to, among other things, workforce and supply chain shortages.

Under Gov. Evers’ plan, every Wisconsinite and each of their dependents will receive the $150 refund, ensuring a family of four would receive $600 if the Legislature approves the proposal.

Gov. Evers previously announced changes to income tax withholding under which workers will see a lower income tax withheld from their paychecks. Over the course of 2022, a single filer earning $50,000 will see $551 more in their paycheck. A married couple earning $50,000 each will see more than $1,200 more in their paychecks.

“These are unprecedented times in Wisconsin’s economy, and Gov. Evers is using this opportunity to put taxpayer money where it belongs: in the pockets of taxpayers,” Vruwink said. 

Gov. Evers also announced his proposal for a robust investment in education and support for working families through a caregiver tax credit.

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