“It was like Déjà Vu all over again. The speech could have been titled “Thank you,

“Everything Tony Evers took credit for was something he either initially opposed, like broad
income tax cuts, or previously vetoed, like letting you keep your money in your pocket right now. Otherwise, it was passed by the Republican legislature without his input, and often with him standing in the way.

Evers once again failed to address the real issues facing Wisconsinites- rising crime in their
neighborhoods, rising inflation and economic uncertainty. If Evers thinks a one-time rebate of $150 will help with inflation, he hasn’t been to a grocery store, hasn’t bought gas, or frankly, hasn’t bought anything in the last year.

While crime is skyrocketing across the state, he has no plans to make us feel safer in our homes. He lamented his inability to accomplish “justice reform,” another way of lamenting that Wisconsin isn’t more like Illinois, California and New York. The solution isn’t weaker criminal penalties, defunding the police, prosecuting fewer crimes, or eliminating cash bail. We’ve seen the disaster “justice reform” has taken in those states. We don’t need it here.

I, for one, believe that solving our economic and crime problem needs bold leadership, not
whatever Governor Evers is pretending to push. We want real, permanent tax reform, not one-time rebates. We want people to feel safe in their homes, not fearful that police are too busy to help them because more criminals are on the street.

And if Tony Evers ever left the Madison bubble and talked to people across the state, he’d want that too.

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