Madison, WI – State Representative Chuck Wichgers (R-Muskego) voted YES on several bills strengthening election integrity. The bills are necessary after numerous reports of clear, irrefutable evidence that there were irregularities in the administration of Wisconsin’s 2020 election. The comprehensive package of election reform bills include closing voter ID loopholes, standardizing procedures for ballot collecting, establishing a uniform observation distance for recount observers, and guaranteeing that only voters may make corrections on their own ballots. Senate Joint Resolution 101 is a constitutional amendment to prevent private companies from funding our elections – Zuckerbucks.

Rep. Wichgers voted NO on Senate Bills 935, 937, and 946 on the Assembly floor today.

“At no time should we eliminate the use of Special Voting Deputies (SVD). They are essential in providing seniors access to the ballot to ensure fair elections. At no time should we allow personal voting assistants who have not met the standard of training that SVD’s are subject to, and deny our most vulnerable a transparent voting process, which is what SB 935 would do, and why I voted NO,” said Wichgers.

Senate Bill 937 would overhaul and tighten the indefinitely confined voter status as it relates to absentee ballot voting.

“False guidance by the clerks in Dane and Milwaukee counties exposed the abuse of indefinitely confined. I supported previous pieces of legislation which passed the State Assembly last spring that reformed SVD requirements and indefinitely confined voter status. SB 935 and SB 937 are watered-down versions,” said Wichgers.

SB 946 provides whistleblower protection for municipal clerks who witness and report election fraud or irregularities.

“This late entry bill is a good start. It includes immunity for clerk whistleblowers, but not the staff. I find this troublesome. The substitute amendment lacks necessary safeguards and the amendment did not have appropriate vetting from our local clerks,” said Wichgers.

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